About Garrett Motion

Garrett Motion stands at the forefront of turbocharging and intercooling technologies, demonstrating dual expertise with precision-engineered solutions that enhance vehicle performance worldwide. With over a century of engineering excellence, Garrett has profoundly shaped the automotive industry by setting the standard for power, efficiency, and reliability. Known for their advanced turbochargers that boost engine efficiency and power through cutting-edge technology, and superior intercoolers that manage heat to significantly improve thermal efficiency by cooling intake air, Garrett ensures optimal performance across a wide range of applications. As a proud UK supplier, PERON Automotive delivers Garrett’s leading-edge turbocharging and intercooling solutions to automotive enthusiasts and professionals, offering top-tier performance enhancements designed to meet the rigorous demands of the most discerning drivers.

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Advanced Turbocharger Technology

Garrett turbochargers embody cutting-edge technology, designed to maximize engine performance and efficiency. Featuring variable geometry turbines for optimal airflow and efficiency across varying speeds, and ball bearing cartridges for rapid response and enhanced durability, these turbochargers are engineered for precision. Advanced aerodynamics in compressor design significantly boost horsepower while maintaining fuel economy. Garrett also integrates water-cooled bearing systems to manage thermal loads and prevent overheating, extending turbo life under high-performance conditions. The use of robust materials capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and pressures ensures reliable operation under demanding scenarios. This holistic approach to turbocharger technology makes Garrett a leader in both aftermarket and OEM applications, pushing the limits of engine enhancement.

Advanced Intercooler Technology

Garrett intercoolers, developed with aerospace technology, expertly handle extreme boost pressures and high temperatures in high-performance engines. These intercoolers come in a variety of air-to-air and air-to-liquid cores, supporting horsepower ranges from 300 to 1275, and are specifically tailored for both vehicle-specific applications and custom builds. Utilizing bar and plate construction, they optimize heat transfer and airflow through strategic fin density arrangements: higher fin density in the cold flow paths ensures maximum cooling effectiveness, while lower fin density in the hot flow paths reduces pressure drop, thereby maintaining optimal turbocharger efficiency. This meticulous design not only maximizes cooling but also significantly enhances engine performance and durability, making Garrett intercoolers a cornerstone for automotive enthusiasts and professionals seeking the pinnacle of vehicle performance.

Motorsport Proven

Garrett Motorsport turbochargers are at the forefront of racing innovation, consistently demonstrating their prowess on the world’s most challenging racetracks. These high-performance components translate the extreme demands of professional motorsport into advanced series production performance products, such as the G Series and GTX Gen II. Engineered to support a wide range of horsepower and engine displacements, these turbochargers offer a universal fit with various options and end housing combinations to accommodate diverse performance needs. Garrett's commitment to excellence is further underscored by its rigorous OEM qualification tests, ensuring unparalleled safety and reliability. With a storied history of success in motorsport, including providing technology for every winning team at the 24 Hours of Le Mans for over two decades, Garrett’s turbochargers bring race-proven performance and cutting-edge technology to enthusiasts, delivering exceptional quality and performance in their vehicles.