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Unveiling a New Chapter in Automotive Excellence: PERON Automotive Partners with TVS Engineering for the Revolutionary SIMOS19 Tuning Software

In the ever-evolving world of vehicle performance tuning, two names stand out for their commitment to innovation, quality, and outstanding performance—PERON Automotive and TVS Engineering. We're thrilled to announce that PERON Automotive has partnered with TVS Engineering, a pioneering force in the VAG tuning ecosystem, to bring you the groundbreaking SIMOS19 tuning software for VAG Models.

A Masterclass in Software Development

TVS Engineering’s approach to the SIMOS19 software development was nothing short of methodical. Their rigorous process included understanding the intricacies of the calibration environment, hardware, and software of the target vehicles. Recognizing the delicate nuances of new components, such as the SIMOS19 engine control unit and a new turbocharger in the 2.0TSI EA888.4 engine, they left no stone unturned. As a company that values methodical research and development, PERON Automotive couldn't be prouder to align with a partner that shares these principles.

Data-Driven for Optimal Results

One of the distinguishing features of TVS Engineering's approach was their meticulous data collection and analysis. Using high-tech data-logging equipment and external sensors, they exhaustively tested a wide range of vehicles. The data-driven nature of this project perfectly complements PERON Automotive's own commitment to evidence-based solutions.

Going Beyond Initial Success

TVS Engineering's prudence in launching their SIMOS19 tuning software is especially noteworthy. After achieving results that closely matched their preliminary expectations, they chose to further refine and test the software. Their dedication to safety, longevity, and performance aligns with PERON Automotive's mission to deliver only the best to our clients.

Real-World Validation

Before its triumphant launch, the SIMOS19 software underwent stringent testing through TVS Engineering’s authorized dealer network. This was the final checkpoint to ensure optimal performance under all conceivable conditions. As a proud partner, PERON Automotive is eager to extend these benefits to our diverse and growing customer base.

In summary, our partnership with TVS Engineering to release the SIMOS19 tuning software stands as a testament to both companies' shared values of innovation, quality, and performance. Stay tuned for comprehensive results and reviews as we roll out this revolutionary product, promising a new horizon of automotive potential.

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