Akrapovič dealer training event 2023

Akrapovič dealer training event 2023

This year, we had the privilege of sending a group of six esteemed members from our top Akrapovic selling dealers to attend an intensive three-day training course. The training aimed to enhance their knowledge of the product and to equip them with the necessary skills to improve the customer sales experience. The ultimate goal was to establish an 'Akrapovič Genuins' within our dealer network. The training event, which took place at Akrapovič, was the largest dealer network event the company had ever hosted, with over 70 attendees from all corners of the globe.

Day one of the training commenced with a meet and greet session and an evening meal, during which participants received their itinerary and had the opportunity to meet the Akrapovič mandate team, as well as other sales agents and dealers from different parts of the continent.

Day two began with a company overview from the CEO of Akrapovič , Davorin Dobcnik, and a global sales overview from the Sales Director, Robert Pellegrini. This was followed by a workshop where attendees could ask any questions they had. The afternoon session was held at AMZS, a transport driving safety center, where participants had the opportunity to test drive different vehicles, including an RS3 Saloon, Toyota Yaris GR, BMW G82 M4, and a Cupra Formentor V5. These vehicles were all equipped with an Akrapovic exhaust system, allowing participants to experience how the system improves the driving experience for the driver.

Day three comprised a visit to two of the four Akrapovič locations in Slovenia. Two of the facilities were production facilities, one was the R&D and racing division, while the last was the Management building, which houses the accounts, sales, marketing, and management teams.

The visit provided an opportunity to witness the vast scale of the production facility, from OEM Akrapovič upgrades bike systems to the aftermarket product range. Attendees saw how titanium was cleaned and rolled into pipes, the in-house titanium foundry, bin locations, welding stations, carbon facility, and packing and dispatch areas. Akrapovič operates a well-oiled machine that produces over 600 car systems and over 1000 bike systems weekly.

The R&D and Racing facility is home to Igor Akrapovič's vast Moto GP collection, multiple CNC machines, test rigs, and dyno cells. This is where the magic happens, from laser scanning the OEM to designers crafting renders of tailpipes or carbon aero for pre-production prototype systems.

Each dyno room is used to test the system, whether it is to homologate a bike system or fine-tune the audio on a car exhaust. Each area serves a purpose to ensure that Akrapovič produces the best exhaust system on the market for the automotive enthusiast.

In conclusion, we remain committed to providing the highest level of training and knowledge to our dedicated Akrapovič dealers. This commitment is integral to delivering exceptional products and experiences to our valued customers.

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