Photo of attending dealerships outside training facility

Akrapovič Dealer Training Event - 2024

Meet at The Motorist

On the 14th of March, 2024, AKRAPOVIČ hosted an exclusive dealer training session, a pivotal event designed to strengthen the bonds between AKRAPOVIČ and its esteemed dealers, while also offering an in-depth look into the company's vision, technical advancements, and strategic direction. The day was meticulously planned to ensure a blend of informative presentations, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, set against the backdrop of The Motorist, a venue that echoes the premium quality and innovation of AKRAPOVIČ products.

Insights and Innovations

The event kicked off bright and early at 08:00 with a meeting, breakfast, and registration, offering attendees a warm welcome and the chance to mingle before the day officially began. The essence of AKRAPOVIČ's commitment to its partners was palpable, setting a positive tone for the sessions ahead.

At 09:00, Primož Ašenberger, the Area Sales Manager, took the stage for the welcome and introduction, providing a comprehensive overview of the company's strategy and objectives. His insights into the company's direction and ethos laid the groundwork for the discussions that would follow, emphasizing the synergy between AKRAPOVIČ and its dealers.

Following the introduction, the focus shifted to the Auto Division Sales segment, led again by Primož Ašenberger, alongside Charlie Orpen from Peron Automotive. They presented both a global and local sales overview, highlighting the potential for growth and expansion, and set the tone for a day focused on pushing boundaries and exploring new opportunities.

Technical Mastery and Market Trends

The highlight of the morning was the Akrapovič Technical Presentation by Aleš Kern, the Automotive Product Manager. Addressing challenges and technical opportunities, Kern delved into the intricacies of AKRAPOVIČ's product offerings, showcasing the innovation and technical prowess that set the brand apart. This session not only highlighted the company's technical achievements but also its commitment to ongoing innovation and excellence.

A brief coffee break offered attendees a moment to digest the information, network, and discuss the morning's revelations before moving into the more interactive portion of the day.

Interactive Workshops and Future Visions

The workshop titled "Commercial vs. Technical" was an engaging session led by Aleš Kern, focusing on the interplay between market demands and technical capabilities. This workshop provided valuable insights into how AKRAPOVIČ and its partners can work together to leverage technical excellence in meeting market needs, highlighting the importance of collaboration and shared vision.

As the morning sessions concluded, Primož Ašenberger returned to conduct an interview, offering personal insights into his journey with AKRAPOVIČ, and a session on "Connected partnerships and the future," where he envisioned the roadmap for AKRAPOVIČ and its partners moving forward.

Networking and Beyond

A well-deserved lunch break offered a chance for attendees to network and reflect on the morning's sessions, followed by organized transport to PERON Automotive, marking the continuation of a day dedicated to fostering strong partnerships and exploring new horizons.

 Primož Ašenberger, the Area Sales Manager presenting
Akrapovič M2 exhaust on display
M2 fitted with Akrapovič exhaust
Audi R8, GR Yaris & more fitted with Akrapovič exhaust

Over to Peron HQ

Following an exhilarating start to our collaborative event with AKRAPOVIČ, guests were whisked back to Peron Automotive HQ, setting the stage for an insightful afternoon dedicated to high-performance automotive excellence.

Leadership and Future Aspirations

Upon arrival at our state-of-the-art headquarters, attendees were warmly welcomed by Peron Automotive's pillars, Charlie Orpen and Anthony Pearson, who passionately shared our vision, achievements, and the ambitious roadmap for the future. Their presentations painted a vivid picture of Peron's identity and our unwavering commitment to being at the forefront of automotive innovation.

Masterclass in Performance Engineering

The highlight of the day was an engaging live demonstration in our workshop. The team expertly installed an AKRAPOVIČ exhaust system on a Porsche 992 GTS, showcasing the seamless synergy between Peron's technical prowess and AKRAPOVIČ's cutting-edge technology. The session progressed with a thrilling dyno run of Peron's Audi R8, also now roaring with an AKRAPOVIČ exhaust. Attendees were captivated by the harmony of sound and power, a testament to the significant performance enhancements achieved through our partnership.

The Pinnacle of Development Cars

Our pride in our Peron Development Cars was evident as we showcased our lineup, including the highly successful Audi TT RS Time Attack car, a formidable Audi S3 drag car, and the agile Audi TT S Time Attack car. Each vehicle, a beacon of Peron's engineering marvels, exemplifies our relentless pursuit of automotive excellence.

The Heart of Innovation: Nortech Performance

Integral to our innovation and success is our in-house technical partner, Nortech Performance who is vital to the development of Peron's vehicles, Nortech is the powerhouse behind our bespoke design and production solutions. Leveraging SolidWorks CAD software and cutting-edge simulation tools, our engineers craft and refine our products with unmatched precision. With facilities for full fabrication, CNC machining, 3D printing, and a skilled team of TIG-welders, Nortech enables us to produce and iterate prototype parts with unparalleled speed and efficiency, ensuring that Peron remains synonymous with the pinnacle of automotive performance.

 Primož Ašenberger, the Area Sales Manager presenting
Audi R8 with Akrapovič doing a dyno run
Charlie Orpen of Peron Automotive presenting
Akrapovič installation on Porsche 992 GTS alongside Audi TT RS

Dining al Ferrari

As the sun dipped below the horizon, our memorable day transitioned into an evening of camaraderie and celebration back at The Motorist. The evening's highlight, dubbed "Dining al Ferrari," presented a unique twist on dining al fresco, inviting guests to a gastronomic experience centred around the magnificent Ferrari F8 Tributo. This automotive masterpiece, equipped with an AKRAPOVIČ exhaust and graciously provided by our dealer partner CLP Automotive, served as the centrepiece for our dinner, blending the art of cuisine with the thrill of high-performance engineering.

The air was filled with animated discussions and laughter as guests, alongside the Peron and Akrapovič teams, exchanged tales and insights from the day's adventures. In the midst of this lively atmosphere, the Arnage Restaurant team began serving a selection of hearty and delicious meals. Known for their exceptional service and the quality of their offerings, Arnage maintained the high standard they'd set throughout the day, ensuring our guests were well-fed with a variety of tasty dishes and refreshments, perfectly complementing the informal yet sophisticated setting of our gathering.

As the evening came to a close, it was with a sense of fulfilment and anticipation that we bid farewell to our guests. They departed not only with satisfied appetites but also with a rekindled enthusiasm for AKRAPOVIČ exhausts, armed with new knowledge and excitement to further advocate for these unparalleled products in the market. The event underscored the enduring bond between Peron Automotive and AKRAPOVIČ, a partnership driven by a mutual commitment to excellence in the automotive realm. Each guest left informed, inspired, and eager to contribute to the growing legacy of AKRAPOVIČ exhausts, ensuring the thrilling harmony of performance and innovation continues to resonate across the automotive landscape.

Ferrari F8 Tributo fitted with Akrapovič exhaust
BMW M3 Tourings & BMW M4 fitted with Akrapovič exhaust