Akrapovič – engineered perfection

Akrapovič – engineered perfection

Akrapovič are at the cutting edge of exhaust technology, but what goes into developing one of these high-end titanium systems?

When it comes to beautifully crafted performance exhaust systems, Akrapovič are at the top of their game. The Slovenian company produces an exquisite range of systems, which not only look like works of art, but also give tangible performance benefits. It’s the reason discerning supercar owners have been turning to Akrapovič for over ten years.

Akrapovič is available exclusively in the UK and Ireland from PERON Distribution. A dynamic and growing company with an obsessive attention to detail, PERON’s philosophy aligns to that of Akrapovič – to strive only for the best. And with a wide dealer network, including some of the UK’s leading supercar specialists, there’s sure to be an installation centre near to you.

Akrapovič began as the brainchild of motorbike racer, Igor Akrapovič in 1991. He designed his own slip on exhaust system, which quickly became a hit with bike racers the world over. He steadily grew the business throughout the ’90s and 2000s until the first car system arrived. With wins for Akrapovič equipped cars in many race series’ including at the Nürburgring 24 hours and with Audi Sport in WEC, there’s also a rich motorport heritage.


Today Akrapovič still leads the world with their range of motorbike systems, but it’s their automotive range and particularly their supercar systems that have made a big impact, especially with the launch of the new titanium range in 2015.

Akrapovič are unique in their use of titanium in the majority of their production processes. This strong, yet lightweight material is key to the performance benefits as well as the highly sonorous nature of each exhaust. Whether it’s the wail of a wrung out Lamborghini V10 or the burble of a Porsche flat-six, you cannot mistake an Akrapovič system. But it takes many hours by specialist acoustic engineers to develop the perfect sound for each bespoke exhaust. It must enhance the factory sound with a distinctly sporty note, yet not be too raucous or at odds with the character of the vehicle.

If you merely want to make noise and lots of it, then there other manufacturers are able to deliver this. An Akrapovič system isn’t just about making more noise; it’s about harnessing the potential of an engine and delivering the perfect balance of sound, so that it enhances the car, without dominating it. We could use the analogy of an audio system; it’s easy to produce a loud set-up, but it takes real skill to make something with a rich tone that an audiophile would appreciate.

The development process begins with a stock car. A specialist 3D reference scan is used to accurately measure the OEM system, but also the space available around it. From this engineers can work out exactly where the Akrapovič system will be routed for maximum flow and minimum weight. Needless to say with such accurate measuring, each system is a perfect fit. Prototype systems are then tested by some of the world’s top racing teams. With their own in-house titanium-casting foundry, Akrapovič are able to ensure all materials work in harmony and are of the finest possible quality. With over 20 years’ experience working with titanium, Akrapovič are world leaders in this field.

The product range is wide and impressive, covering many of the most coveted supercars and sports cars available today, with intricately crafted systems for selected Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren, Porsche, BMW, Audi and Mercedes models, as well as more attainable systems for the VW Golf R, Renault Megane RS, Fiat 500, MINI and others. So, whether it’s a system for a V12 Aventador or a 2.0 Golf R, you can be assured that exactly the same level of research and development has gone into each one, to ensure that it increases performance and delivers that unmistakable Akrapovič sound.