Ecotune’s Akrapovič Porsche 991.2 Turbo S

Ecotune’s Akrapovič Porsche 991.2 Turbo S

Akrapovič has a strong association with Porsche and particularly the 911 having developed their first OEM car-segment exhaust system for the 997 GT2. Since then, they have developed systems for almost the entire range of 911 vehicles, from the Carrera to the spellbinding GT3 RS.

With the ubiquitous flat-six, engine mounted at the rear, being able to save weight here is something that can pay big dividends; after all, less mass over the rear axle translates to sharper handling. This is why the engineers at Akrapovič have spent a huge amount of time developing systems for contemporary 911’s.

The latest generation, the 991.2, is without doubt the best yet. A confident and assured machine, whether you choose the S/4/4S/GT, or the full-fat GT3 RS, it’s no surprise that these cars continue to come out on top in road tests.

One of the most exciting models currently available is the 991.2 Turbo S. From the factory it comes with a hefty 572bhp, a slick dual-clutch PDK gearbox and sure-footed 4WD handling. It is an extremely fast car, but still offers that tactile feedback and refinement that many of its rivals lack. Official figures quote 0-62mph in just 2.9secs, although road testers have seen as low as 2.6secs in the right conditions. Top speed for the Turbo S is 205mph.

When we heard that one of our dealers, Ecotune, had ordered a Turbo S as their new development vehicle, it came as no surprise when they placed an order for the latest Akrapovič system.

First unveiled at the prestigious Autosport show earlier this year, the car has since done many miles on the road as well as on track. It’s continually astounded the team at Ecotune with its ability to offer savagely fast acceleration, but with an easy to live with nature – a trait that has become the signature for modern-day 911s.

The Slip-On Line complements this well-rounded package and ticks all the boxes: offering a spine tingling sound when you unleash that flat-six twin-turbo, but without any compromise to refinement. Akrapovič’s engineers have worked hard to create a system that’s ferocious when you want it to be, but relaxed when you don’t – no easy task. Hundreds of man-hours went into perfecting the acoustics of this system, which transforms the driving experience. As with all Akrapovič systems, the Slip-On Line for the 991.2 Turbo S fits to perfection and is a direct replacement of the OEM set-up.

Manufactured from ultra-lightweight titanium, produced in Akrapovič’s own foundry, the Slip-On Line system reduces weight by a significant 43.7% over stock. There are increases to both power and torque throughout the rev range. A set of free-flowing stainless steel Link Pipes are available as an option (fitted to this Turbo S) and feature sports cats to reduce a restriction over the stock system. They also allow the fantastic sound of the Slip-On Line to be further enhanced for the ultimate thrilling sports car soundtrack. The system delivers a crisp, racecar-like howl when revved hard, combined with a deeply satisfying crackle on the downshifts.

The Slip-On Line system requires the Akrapovič carbon fibre rear diffuser to be installed, which is in itself a work of art and really enhances the rear of the car. Available in gloss or matt carbon it provides the finishing touch to this prestige package.

Ecotune are not done yet, though. The Turbo S is currently undergoing ECU development, so that it can reach its full potential. Having already run a 10.4sec quarter mile, on a very early development map, it’s clear that there’s much more to come from this stunning Porsche. And with the full, free-flowing Akrapovič system installed, the car is already fully optimised to take advantage of any further ECU tuning.

The Akrapovic Slip-On Line titanium system for the Porsche 991.2 Turbo and Turbo S, retails for £6589. The optional Link Pipes are £3854 and the mandatory rear diffuser in carbon fibre is £2387 (gloss) and £2091 (matt). Click HERE for more information on the system and accessories that are available. Contact Ecotune HERE or find your nearest Akrapovič dealer HERE to learn more.

See a video of the Akrapovič-equipped Turbo S on the dyno at Ecotune below…