FAQ | Akrapovič

The Akrapovič Slip-On Line is designed for those looking to elevate their vehicle's acoustics, performance, and aesthetic appeal whilst maintaining emissions compliance. This line enhances the rear section of the exhaust system, providing significant improvements in sound and reducing weight, all without altering the vehicle's factory emission systems.

The Evolution Line caters to enthusiasts seeking maximum performance enhancements and an even deeper, richer sound from their vehicle. It extends the capabilities of the Slip-On Line by including additional high-performance components such as link pipe sets or header sets. Given the extensive nature of these upgrades, an ECU remap is almost always necessary to ensure the vehicle operates optimally with the new exhaust configuration.

Akrapovič's Slip-On Line is designed in a modular way allowing owners of to transition to the Evolution Line if they choose to further enhance their vehicle later date.

The Akrapovič Sound Kit is an innovative accessory designed to allow drivers to manually control the exhaust valves of their Akrapovič exhaust systems, independent of the vehicle’s factory drive mode settings. With this kit, you can override the standard vehicle settings, giving you the freedom to open or close the exhaust valves at will. This functionality enables you to choose a quieter exhaust note for situations that require subtlety, such as city driving or residential areas, and to switch to a more aggressive, sportier sound for open roads or track conditions, all without altering the selected drive mode of the car.

Operated via a Bluetooth remote control or a smartphone app, the Sound Kit provides a straightforward and convenient method for adjusting the sound dynamically, offering a personalized driving experience. This makes it an excellent choice for car enthusiasts who value customization and want to enjoy the full range of sound capabilities of their Akrapovič exhaust system regardless of the driving scenario.

Mandatory Parts:
The mandatory components required for installing an Akrapovič exhaust system can vary depending on the specific vehicle model and its derivatives. Common mandatory parts typically include tailpipes, unless these are already integrated into the exhaust system being purchased. Less frequently required but equally important components include diffusers, specific mounting equipment, and certain OEM parts essential for installation. Since these requirements can differ based on the vehicle’s derivative and configuration, we strongly recommend consulting with us at PERON Automotive, your exclusive UK importers, to ensure proper fitment and compatibility.

Optional Parts:
Optional parts for Akrapovič exhaust systems are designed to further enhance the system's functionality and performance. These may include downpipes, which can improve exhaust flow and increase performance, or sound kits that allow drivers to manually control the exhaust valves to their preference. For those starting with the Slip-On line, optional upgrades like link pipe sets and header sets turn the exhaust system into the more comprehensive Evolution Line further enhancing sound and performance.

Where can I get my Akrapovič exhaust system installed?
Akrapovič exhaust systems can be expertly installed by any of our authorized UK dealers. These professionals are equipped and trained to handle the high-performance exhaust systems, ensuring that installations are executed flawlessly.

What does the installation involve?
The installation process varies depending on the Akrapovič system and the specific vehicle model. Some systems may require modifications, such as cutting the existing exhaust, to ensure a proper fit. Given the precision engineering of Akrapovič systems, installations are conducted by experienced technicians familiar with the specific requirements and configurations necessary for optimal installation.

How long does installation take?
Installation times can vary depending on vehicle as well as product. As such we recommend discussing this with your dealer when arranging your purchase. They will provide a tailored estimate based on their direct experience with similar installations.

At PERON Automotive, we perform the first UK installation of any new Akrapovič system to gain an in-depth understanding of the technical and practical aspects. This firsthand experience allows us to relay critical knowledge and installation insights to our dealer network, ensuring high standards of service and expertise across all installations.

Akrapovič provides a comprehensive warranty for its exhaust systems, ensuring that customers receive products of the highest quality and reliability. Due to extensive quality testing and rigorous manufacturing standards, warranty claims are rare, reflecting the exceptional craftsmanship and durability of Akrapovič products.

  • Material and Manufacturing Defects: Akrapovič exhaust systems are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship. The warranty typically covers the replacement of defective parts.
  • Duration: The standard warranty period for Akrapovič exhaust systems is 2 years transferable from the date of installation, although this may vary depending on the type of product and specific regional terms and conditions.
  • Limitations: The warranty does not extend to damages resulting from normal wear and tear, accidental damage, misuse, improper installation, or modifications. Moreover, the warranty may be void if the product was not installed by an authorized Akrapovič dealer or technician.