Motorsport Program

Motorsport at PERON is more than the pursuit of speed—it's a proving ground for precision, reliability, and continuous improvement. Our meticulous approach to vehicle tuning ensures that each racecar not only performs exceptionally but also consistently under the most demanding conditions. This rigorous process directly influences our product development, allowing us to refine and perfect our engineering solutions before they reach the market. The superior performance parts we develop and test on the track are what we deliver to our customers, ensuring durability and functionality that exceed expectations.

Time Attack Audi TT RS (8S)

Our Audi TT RS (8S) is a testament to our expertise in Time Attack racing, showcasing the incredible capabilities of the EA855 2.5 TFSI DAZA/DNWA five-cylinder engine. Expertly enhanced by Nortech Performance, the vehicle is tailored not just for raw power but for reliability and usability under the strenuous conditions of prolonged hot laps during Time Attack. Complementing this, TVS Engineering has optimized the DQ500 DSG gearbox to support the enhanced dynamics of the tuned engine effectively.

For ECU performance needs, we work with TVS Engineering & other top-tier tuners from across the globe. Dyno Spectrum DS1 technology plays a crucial role, providing real-time, precise tuning adjustments, ensuring that the Audi TT RS performs consistently at its best in varied racing scenarios. This targeted approach ensures that the Audi TT RS not only excels in Time Attack events but also demonstrates the extraordinary performance potential of the five-cylinder engine in demanding motorsport environments.

Drag Race Audi S3 (8P)

Our Audi S3 (8P) is a prime example of what can be achieved with the EA113 2.0L TFSI engine when pushed to its limits. Outfitted with high-performance Nortech Performance components and carefully selected top-tier products supplied by PERON Automotive, this vehicle has been transformed into a 1,000 HP drag racing powerhouse. Equipped with a TVS Engineering DQ500 gearbox conversion, it boasts enhanced power delivery and rapid shift responses that are essential for competitive drag racing.

Additionally, the integration of advanced cooling systems and reinforced drivetrain elements ensures that the Audi S3 (8P) can consistently perform at peak levels under the rigorous conditions of the drag strip. This vehicle not only demonstrates the extraordinary potential of the EA113 engine but also serves as a testament to PERON’s expertise in engineering vehicles that excel in both power and reliability in the most demanding motorsport environments.

Audi R8 Development Vehicle

Our Audi R8 is the newest development car in the PERON Automotive fleet, showcases both initial enhancements and promising future modifications. It has been equipped with an Akrapovič exhaust system, enhancing its auditory presence while delivering performance gains. A mild tune has also been applied to optimize power delivery and efficiency, using the Dyno Spectrum DS1 for precise control and real-time adjustments.

Development is set to begin on a twin-turbo setup by Nortech Performance, aimed at harnessing the full potential of the R8 platform. This ambitious upgrade is designed to transform the R8 into a formidable force on the track, significantly enhancing its performance capabilities. As these enhancements continue, the Audi R8 is set to become a standout example of automotive engineering excellence within our fleet, embodying PERON Automotive’s commitment to leading-edge technology and performance.