Performance Testing

At the heart of our operation is our Dynojet 424x Linked Dyno Cell, used to validate, develop, and support our performance tuning and hardware upgrade solutions. We only offer fully developed performance upgrade solutions and focus on mininising engine and component failure rather than breaking records on customer vehicles. Our motorsport program focuses on dedicated off road high performance vehicles for events like Time Attack, roll racing and drag racing events.

Global Expertise in Tuning and Calibration

At PERON Automotive, we leverage cutting-edge global innovations to deliver superior ECU and TCU performance calibrations, sourced from esteemed tuners worldwide. Our extensive network ensures that we provide enhancements tailored to meet a broad array of vehicle specifications and driver demands.

The heart of our calibration precision is our Dynojet 424x dynamometer. It boasts the capability to measure up to 2000 HP and 2000 lb-ft of torque. The dynamometer's exceptional accuracy—timing accuracy of +/-1 microsecond, drum speed accuracy of +/-1/100th MPH, and RPM accuracy of +/-1/10th RPM—ensures our calibrations are optimized for maximum performance and efficiency.

Strategic Partnerships and Market Focus

Our strategic partnership with Dutch tuning experts TVS Engineering underscores our commitment to setting new standards in DSG tuning for Audi Volkswagen Group applications. This collaboration is deeply integrated into our operations at our advanced R&D center in South Yorkshire, which is outfitted with the latest in diagnostic and tuning technology, including the Dynojet 424x dynamometer.

Our facility is the backbone of our innovative drive, supporting our goals to provide unmatched DSG tuning services that perfectly balance enhancement in performance with exceptional reliability. This collaboration not only boosts our capabilities but also cements our position as pioneers in automotive performance tuning, continually advancing the limits of technology and innovation in the industry.

Recognition and Dedication to Excellence

PERON Automotive has built a formidable reputation in the aftermarket performance industry through years of dedicated service and a firm commitment to innovation and quality. Our approach is focused on minimizing engine and component failure, thereby enhancing the longevity and performance of each vehicle we tune.

Our Dynojet 424x dynamometer plays a crucial role here, providing us with the capability to handle extensive power and torque measurements, ensuring that each vehicle is tuned to meet stringent standards. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that every tuned vehicle is not only ready to perform at its best in everyday use but is also capable of standing up to the rigors of competitive racing environments.