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BMW F Series x35D - PERON STG1 ECU / xHP ZF8 STG2 Tuning Package

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The BMW 335d is a very capable car but with the right adjustments, it can be transformed into a motorway rocket ship. Our PERON STG1 calibration increases fuel pressure and boost whilst adjusting torque limits accordingly. Part of our calibration allows us to adjust the sports display and apply the remap across all driving modes.  We also work with xHP who offer a great ZF8 gearbox calibration that increases torque limit and sharpened gear changes for an enhanced driving experience. 


  • PERON STG1 remap (from 380PS / 780nm) 
  • xHP STG 2 ZF8 gearbox remap
  • PERON Gel Badge


  • Torque Limiter removed
  • Gear Display in all modes 
  • Quicker, yet still comfortable shifts in D/Comfort 
  • Revised, more Driver-Oriented Shift-Points in D/Comfort 
  • Raised Launch-Control Shiftpoints for Tuned Cars -
  • DTC and DSC-OFF modes no longer revert to Comfort-Shifting but activate the fastest Shift-Speeds and the transmission won't upshift at redline in Manual. This is perfect for playing around with your car. 
  • Retains full ECO-Pro functionality


  • BMW F30 335D
  • BMW F32 435D
  • BMW F31 335D


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