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Garrett Charge Cooler | BMW M2 / M3 / M4 S55

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Garrett Powermax has brought to the market the finest performance air-to-liquid intercooler ( Charge cooler ). This product is a must when pushing the BMW S55 engine power found in the M2 comp, M3 and M4.  With 47% larger core with dual pass coolant flow this helps reduce intake manifold temperatures by an average of 10 °F. (12c) reducing the charge temps helps reduces the vehicles ECU wanting to retard timing and help with consistency in performance, whilst optimized end tanks improve airflow through the core.

With an average increase of 12.4 horsepower and 4.9 lb-ft of torque measured over multiple back to back dyno pulls. This direct-fit performance intercooler installs in 1.5 hours and reuses the stock bolts, hoses, and clamps.


  • Supports up to 980hp
  • 47% larger core than stock
  • Installs in the stock location
  • Cast aluminium end tanks
  • Air-to-liquid design
  • Bar-and-plate construction
  • Available in 2 colour options
  • Great for stock or remapped tuned vehicles


  • M3 F80 2015+
  • M4 F82 2015+
  • M4 F83 2015+
  • M2 F87 2016+


Dyno results

  • Engine gains 12.4 horsepower and 4.9 lb-ft of torque on average after heat soak (10th pull)
  • Engine gains 18.7 horsepower and 6.4 lb-ft of torque at the 15th pull

bmw s55 garrett charge cooler dyno results

OBD2 Data

  • After heat soak, charge air flow rate and pressure increase
  • ~2 lb/min higher charge air flow rate after 10th pull
  • ~1.5 psi higher charge air pressure after the 10th run

bmw s55 garrett charge cooler obd2 data

Thermal data

  • Garrett intercooler outlet temp is ~5 °F lower each run before heat soak
  • OE intercooler has 90% instantaneous effectiveness
  • Garrett intercooler has 92% instantaneous effectiveness
  • Garrett intercooler outlet temperature is ~10 °F lower after heat soak
  • At heat soak, outlet temperature drops by 10 °F

bmw s55 garrett charge cooler thermal data

CFD optimised design 

  • CFD optimized design allows Garrett engineers to improve flow distribution through the end tanks
  • The charge air flow shown in the chart depicts air flow per passage
  • The variation is ~7% from the mean flow


bmw s55 garrett charge cooler cfd data

Heat transfer modelling

  • CFD also helps improve thermal performance

bmw s55 garrett charge cooler heat transfer modeling