Garrett | Intercooler Core | 1140 HP | Air-To-Air

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  • Type Air-To-Air
  • Vendor Garrett Motion
  • SKU 848054-6003

Garrett Intercooler Core Air/Air 1140HP

CAC (22" x 14" x 4.5")

Garrett intercooler cores are bar and plate horizontal flow design. Charge air from the turbo flows within enclosed passages in one direction, with separate cooling passages flowing cooler ambient air in a perpendicular cross-flow pattern to the charge air. In bar and plate designs the passages consist of plates on top and bottom with fins in between. The passages are enclosed by bars on either side depending on if it is a charge air passage or an ambient air/cooling passage. Passages are stacked alternately until the desired stack height is reached. On the sides of the stacked cores, added to the final passage is a side plate of thicker material to provide structural integrity, protect the more delicate fins, and provide a surface for welding on end tanks if desired.

Utilizing advanced Aerospace technology, Garrett intercoolers offer superior fatigue protection for the high boost pressures and temperatures of today’s extreme engines. With over 75 years of charge air cooler experience, Garrett remains ahead of the industry in intercooler design and function making it the number one choice for some of the premier names in the performance car industry.

Garrett intercoolers offer superior thermal fatigue protection for high boost pressures and temperatures of today’s extreme engines.


Part Number Model Supported Horsepower Length/Hot Flow Height/No Flow Width/Cold Flow
(in) (mm) (in) (mm) (in) (mm)
848054-6003 Air / Air 1140 22 558.8 14 355.6 4.5 114.3