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Fiesta ST180 Aux fuel kit (Fiesta ST 1.6T) Injectors No ECU

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Introducing the Nortech Performance 4-Port Auxiliary Fuel Kit for the Ford Fiesta ST 1.6T.

With our deep knowledge of the Ford Fiesta ST1.6T, we have discovered the limits of the stock fueling system are around 310whp. With our Stage 4 GTX2860R Gen II Turbo kit only running at a fraction of its ability at this level, it was clear that we needed an auxiliary fueling system that allowed us to reach new and consistent levels of power.

A port injection set-up like this gives us more control over the fueling and it is much safer than using bigger injectors or a throttle body injector.

This kit is designed to work in conjunction with the OEM fuel system in order to support higher horsepower builds and to assist in the cleaning of your intake valves.

Whilst this kit has been tested on our STG4 GTX setup, it allows users to build their own systems and will cater to a variety of set-ups.

This product is designed and manufactured in-house by our technical partners, Nortech Performance.

Included in the kit:

- Ford Gasket
- Bosch EV14S Injector x4
- Fuel Injector Plug x4
- Push-on Hose Fitting
- Spacer Place
- Bolts fo Spacer Plate
- Fuel Fitting T
- Fuel Line
- AN6 Fitting (Pre-welded)
- Spacer for Alternator