Nortech Performance | Motorsport Manifold & 76mm Downpipe | Garrett Motion V-band fitment | Ford Focus RS 2.0T Mk1

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Product Details

  • Type Exhaust Manifold
  • Vendor Nortech Performance

Our cutting-edge system incorporates the most recent advancements in Garrett Motion's 2019 technology, seamlessly adapting it to the Mk1 Focus RS 2.0 turbo Zetec (referred to as Duratec) engine. This integration elevates the performance potential of this iconic automobile to unprecedented levels. Each component of this production-grade turbo system is meticulously crafted using ultra-precision jig fixtures, ensuring accurate and consistent fitment across applications.

Nortech has expertly designed a flow-optimized manifold featuring a custom cast collector, engineered to harmonize with the widely favored gasketless V-band Garrett Motion motorsport connection. This compatibility allows for the installation of Garrett Motion V-band G25 and GTX30 turbochargers. However, we currently only offer Garrett GT28 fitments for the T25 flange.

We anticipate that this revolutionary system will enable Mk1 Ford Focus RS owners to reach the zenith of the vehicle's performance capabilities, targeting an impressive 500hp and 400-460ftlb torque output.
Spec List:

  • Comprehensive TIG welding and back purging
  • Custom cast four-cylinder collector
  • Designed, manufactured, and durability-tested in England using our Ford Focus RS demo vehicle

Fitment Notes:

  • Motorsport Turbo System
  • Modification of certain OEM parts may be necessary

Turbos Recommended:

  • Garrett Motion - G25-660 - 871389-5010S
  • Garrett Motion - G30 - 770
  • Garrett Motion - G30 - 900

*Please note that manufacturing time for out-of-stock items is approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Nortech Performance

About Nortech Performance

PERON's turbo system brand, Nortech Performance, is led by a team of high-performance product experts and dedicated petrol heads. Specializing in engineering for Audi VW Group engines, our in-house Nortech team uses SolidWorks CAD software to design precise components and advanced simulation to model performance.

Our comprehensive capabilities include CNC machining, wax injection molding for investment casting, and ECU reverse engineering with calibration. With facilities for in-house fabrication, CNC machining, 3D printing, and TIG welding, we control quality and adapt quickly during development. This integration ensures we consistently deliver superior exhaust systems and turbocharging solutions tailored to automotive and motorsport needs, with a particular focus on Audi VW Group applications over the past decade.