Nortech Performance | Ford Focus RS Mk2 | Precision Turbo T4 Fitment Turbo Manifold

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  • Type Exhaust Manifold
  • Vendor Nortech Performance

Nortech Performance | Motorsport T4 Turbo Manifold for Off-Road Use | Precision Engineered for Maximum Flow

Delve into elite off-road performance with the Nortech Performance T4 Turbo Manifold. Specifically designed for motorsport applications, this manifold bypasses the limitations of internal wastegates, offering a highly compact T4 investment cast collector for exceptional flow enhancement. With optimal turbo selection and engine configuration, this setup can achieve in excess of 1000hp.


  • Expertly TIG welded and back purged for outstanding integrity.
  • Crafted with 3.5mm 'Thick Wall' stainless steel, ensuring utmost durability.
  • State-of-the-art investment cast CF8C+ collector.
  • Meticulously designed, produced, and tested in England.
  • T4 Flange compatible Precision Turbo fitment
  • Accommodates a 50mm external wastegate 

Please Note: Manufacturing lead time is 4 - 6 weeks if currently out of stock.

Nortech Performance brings you the pinnacle of off-road motorsport turbo systems. Commit to unparalleled power today.

Nortech Performance

About Nortech Performance

PERON's turbo system brand, Nortech Performance, is led by a team of high-performance product experts and dedicated petrol heads. Specializing in engineering for Audi VW Group engines, our in-house Nortech team uses SolidWorks CAD software to design precise components and advanced simulation to model performance.

Our comprehensive capabilities include CNC machining, wax injection molding for investment casting, and ECU reverse engineering with calibration. With facilities for in-house fabrication, CNC machining, 3D printing, and TIG welding, we control quality and adapt quickly during development. This integration ensures we consistently deliver superior exhaust systems and turbocharging solutions tailored to automotive and motorsport needs, with a particular focus on Audi VW Group applications over the past decade.