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Product details

  • Type OBD Tool
  • Vendor Thor

Upgrade Your BMW Performance with THOR WiFi Adapter

Unlock the full potential of your BMW with the THOR WiFi Adapter, the pinnacle of tuning technology designed to seamlessly enhance your vehicle's performance. This cutting-edge adapter outperforms traditional K/Dcan cables by being 1.5 times faster, enabling more efficient and effective car tuning directly from the comfort of your home.

Compatibility & Supported Applications: The THOR WiFi Adapter is your gateway to a plethora of the most sought-after tuning apps, making it a versatile tool for any BMW enthusiast. It's fully compatible with a range of phone-based applications, allowing for comprehensive reading and programming of your BMW's ECU/TCU.

  • xHP Flashtool: Available on both Android and iOS, it's the first tuning solution for BMWs equipped with ZF6HP and ZF8HP automatic transmissions.
  • xDelete: This app, available for Android and iOS, is the first worldwide tool that enables xDrive owners to switch their vehicle to full RWD mode, with THOR supporting E series only.
  • MHD Tuning: Catering to E and F series (excluding B58 engine code), MHD Tuning is a premier choice for BMW tuning.
  • BimmerCode: Compatible with Android and E series only, BimmerCode offers a user-friendly way to code your BMW.
  • BimmerGeeks Pro Tool: An all-in-one solution for comprehensive BMW diagnostics and tuning.

Key Features:

  • High-Speed Performance: With its reliable and strong WiFi signal, the THOR WiFi Adapter ensures faster flash times compared to standard OBD/INPA cables.
  • Durable Design: Encased in a 3D printed case, this adapter is not only functional but also sports a striking colour that stands out.
  • Broad Compatibility: This OBDII WiFi Dongle is compatible with BMW Standard Tools, including INPA, Tool32, NCSExpert, and WinkFP, ensuring a wide range of uses.

Important Note for Android Users: To establish a stable connection, it's recommended to turn on airplane mode and reactivate WiFi.

Transform your BMW tuning experience with the THOR WiFi Adapter, combining speed, efficiency, and versatility in one compact, easy-to-use device. Whether you're looking to remap your ECU/TCU, enjoy full RWD mode with xDrive, or delve into deep diagnostics, the THOR WiFi Adapter is your ideal companion. Get yours today and take the first step towards unlocking the true potential of your BMW.