Toyota GR Yaris 2021 - Akrapovic Slip On Race Line ( Titanium)

Product code: S-TY/T/2




at 6950 rpm



at 6950 rpm


-7.8 kg



This exhaust is produced using race-proven, high-grade titanium for the entire system and features megaphone-shaped tailpipes. A collector centred between the rear resonators has been cast in the in-house foundry; this collector optimizes and balances the gas flow to produce an acoustically tuned sound with no drone. Three resonators – two at the back of the collector and one in the middle pipe – further tune the sound experience to create a sporty racing tone, fully enhancing the engine’s characteristics with a deep and enthusiastic sound, to give the occupants a feeling of exhilaration that is never interrupted by excess noise. The engineers have placed a special emphasis on the acoustics in the middle and high rev range, with a high-frequency tone at higher rpms and more sound at idle and revving. This sound is managed by two megaphone-shaped titanium tailpipes that are welded to the exhaust and specially coated to resist any colour changes at high temperatures. The shape of the tailpipes influences the sound. They are bigger than stock, measuring in at 110 mm, and have a similar profile to the Akrapovič exhaust for the Toyota GR Supra. Developed to decrease back pressure, the system weighs in at 7,8 kg, which is 37 % lighter than stock and yields power gains of 9.5 kW (12.9 hp) at 6,950 rpm and torque increases of 13.0 Nm at 6,950 rpm when tested on the Akrapovič dyno against a Toyota GR Yaris with a standard stock exhaust. This exhaust is designed for use on racetracks and closed courses only. It is necessary to cut the stock exhaust system when installing this product, but no ECU remapping is needed for this configuration.

An optional Evolution link pipe is available for customers looking to extend the exhaust tuning possibilities for even better performance of the Akrapovič Slip-On Race Line (Titanium) system.


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Technical data

Unit Stock Akrapovic Max Gain
Max. Power kW 192.2 / 5600 rpm 194.9 / 5750 rpm + 9.5 / 6950 rpm
HP (m) 261.3 / 5600 rpm 265.0 / 5750 rpm + 12.9 / 6950 rpm
HP (i) 257.7 / 5600 rpm 261.4 / 5750 rpm + 12.7 / 6950 rpm
Max. Torque Nm 368.9 / 4400 rpm 368.6 / 4000 rpm + 13.0 / 6950 rpm
lb-ft 272.1 / 4400 rpm 271.9 / 4000 rpm + 9.6 / 6950 rpm
Weight kg 12.5 7.8 - 4.7
lb 27.6 17.2 - 10.4
% - 37.4
Inst. Time min 90

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