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Toyota Yaris GR - ITG Panel Filter WB-512

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ITG have developed their Profilter range as a direct filter replacement which fits into the cars existing airbox. Simple to install, with no other modifications necessary, the ITG Profilter replaces the current restrictive paper air filter element for a high flow performance version.

The ITG Profilters are premium quality and hand manufactured from a high grade multi-density Trifoam system which provides three levels of air filtration without sacrificing air flow performance. The Profilters not only optimise air flow to your engine which can improve performance, improve throttle response and fuel economy, yet can also save you money in the long run as the filters do not need to be replaced, they simply require a service (ITG service kits are available separately).

The ITG Profilters are supplied pre-oiled so require no preparation, simply out with the old, in with the new.


Engine Code: G16E-GTS
BHP 261
Filter Size: 225 x 244
Part Number: WB-512
Quantity: 1