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TVS - DQ250 Gearbox Service kit

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TVS - DQ250 Gearbox Service kit

TVS - DQ250 Gearbox Service kit

Unit 2c, Shortwood Court

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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DSG Oil Filter Service Kit with TVS Gearbox Filter and Genuine DSG Oil G052182A2 - Comprehensive Maintenance Solution

Overview: Introducing the DSG Oil Filter TVS-02E-FILTER Service Kit, a comprehensive package that combines the efficiency of a TVS Gearbox Filter with the reliability of Genuine DSG Oil G052182A2. This kit is designed to provide a complete solution for maintaining your DSG transmission, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Key Features:

  • TVS Gearbox Filter: The kit includes a high-performance TVS Gearbox Filter, known for its superior filtration capabilities. It effectively removes contaminants, ensuring clean transmission fluid and smoother gearbox operation.

  • Genuine DSG Oil G052182A2: Paired with the filter is the Genuine DSG Oil G052182A2, specifically formulated to meet the demands of DSG transmissions. This oil ensures excellent lubrication, reduced wear, and enhanced transmission efficiency.

  • Comprehensive Maintenance: This service kit offers everything you need for a complete DSG transmission service, enhancing the performance and extending the life of your gearbox.

  • Compatibility: The kit is suitable for a wide range of vehicles equipped with DSG transmissions, making it a versatile choice for many drivers.


  • Optimized Transmission Performance: Regular use of this service kit ensures smoother shifts, better fuel economy, and an overall improved driving experience.

  • Extended Gearbox Life: The combination of a premium filter and high-quality oil keeps your transmission running smoothly, thereby extending its life.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: This kit offers a cost-effective way to maintain your DSG transmission, potentially saving you money on future repairs.


  • Filter: TVS Gearbox Filter TVS-02E-FILTER
  • Oil: Genuine DSG Oil G052182A2
  • Compatibility: Suitable for various vehicles with DSG transmission
  • Kit Contents: 1 TVS Gearbox Filter TVS-02E-FILTER, 6 bottles of Genuine DSG Oil G052182A2