TVS - DQ500 Gearbox Service kit

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  • Type Service Kit
  • Vendor TVS Engineering

DSG Oil Filter Service Kit for DQ500 - TVS Gearbox Filter & Genuine DSG Oil G052182A2

Overview: Presenting the DSG Oil Filter Service Kit, exclusively designed for the DQ500 transmission. This comprehensive kit includes a high-quality TVS Gearbox Filter TVS-0BH-FILTER and Genuine DSG Oil G052182A2, offering a complete solution to maintain and enhance the performance of your DQ500 gearbox.

Key Features:

  • TVS Gearbox Filter for DQ500: Tailored to fit the DQ500 gearbox, this filter provides superior filtration, ensuring clean and efficient transmission fluid flow. It's engineered to handle the specific demands of the DQ500 transmission.

  • Genuine DSG Oil G052182A2: This kit comes with the recommended Genuine DSG Oil G052182A2, known for its exceptional lubricating properties and compatibility with DSG transmissions, ensuring smooth operation and prolonged gearbox life.

  • Complete Maintenance Solution: The combination of the TVS filter and genuine oil in this kit provides everything needed for a thorough DSG service, optimizing transmission performance and reliability.

  • Enhanced Gearbox Performance: Regular servicing with this kit can lead to smoother gear shifts, improved fuel efficiency, and an overall enhanced driving experience.


  • Custom-Designed for DQ500: This kit is specifically made for vehicles with the DQ500 transmission, ensuring perfect compatibility and maximum efficiency.

  • Long-Term Reliability: The high-quality components work together to extend the life of your gearbox, reducing the likelihood of costly future repairs.

  • Easy Installation: Both the filter and oil are designed for straightforward installation, making this kit a convenient choice for both professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts.


  • Filter: TVS Gearbox Filter TVS-0BH-FILTER , specifically for DQ500
  • Oil: Genuine DSG Oil G052182A2
  • Compatibility: Designed for vehicles with DQ500 transmission
  • Kit Contents: 1 TVS Gearbox Filter (DQ500), 6 bottles of Genuine DSG Oil G052182A2