Akrapovic Porsche 991 GTS installation

Akrapovic Porsche 991 GTS installation

It’s not everyday you get to see behind the scenes of an Akrapovic exhaust installation…

…so we thought we’d share this set of fantastic images taken at our dealer, ADS Automotive. The Slip-On Line titanium exhaust system was fitted to a Porsche 991.1 Carrera GTS and is the perfect accompaniment to this German icon.

This specially developed system delivers proven gains of +18hp and +35Nm, allowing the flat-six to deliver even more of a performance punch. The Akrapovic system transforms the car, delivering a thrilling soundtrack when the valves are opened and the engine is revved, but with no drone, to maintain OEM-levels of comfort and refinement.

When the valves are closed, the sound is deeper and more purposeful, yet no louder than stock. This impeccably made system is the perfect partner to any 911.1 Carrera S/4/4S or GTS.

Attention to detail is what sets Akrapovic apart from other aftermarket exhaust manufacturers, with a huge amount of development undertaken for every single system.

Akrapovic is the only exhaust manufacturer that uses titanium for most of its production. This super-light material is produced in their own foundry.

The Porsche 991.1 Carrera GTS sounds great as standard; with an Akrapovic Slip-On Line titanium system it sounds truly spellbinding. Click here to find out more…