Case Studies

Our Case Studies showcase our expertise in transforming high-performance vehicles through meticulous tuning and advanced hardware upgrades. Explore detailed insights into our projects, highlighting our approach to enhancing engine performance, transmission calibration, and overall drivability. See how we've optimised vehicle dynamics, achieving supercar-rivalling performance while maintaining luxury and reliability. Discover the engineering excellence that makes PERON Automotive leaders in automotive tuning and performance enhancement.

Audi RS 6 (C8)

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This PERON Automotive case study exemplifies transforming a super saloon into a supercar rival, blending meticulous enhancements with luxury comfort. Through four tuning stages and integration of components such as Akrapovič exhausts and Garrett intercoolers, we achieved up to 775 hp. Advanced ECU and TCU recalibrations optimised performance across the board, delivering a powerhouse that combines executive sophistication with thrilling drivability.

Audi RS 7 (C7)

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The C7 Audi platform has been one of our all-time favourite street cars. Since our purchase in 2015, our Audi RS 7 has been a cornerstone of our development and showcase efforts at PERON. It has been run on our in-house dyno and reflashed hundreds of times, allowing us to refine and perfect our tuning and hardware solutions while living and breathing the platform. This vehicle, still running exceptionally well as a daily driver, was initially acquired to demonstrate the capabilities of PERON and our engineering partners. Through this journey, we have mastered the intricacies of the 4.0 L engine, making it a true testament to our commitment to excellence in automotive engineering, with every upgrade and solution being completely optimised for maximum confidence and performance.

Audi RS Q8 (4M)

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At PERON Automotive, we love the EA825 4.0 TFSI engine, and the Audi RS Q8 (4M) stands out with its blend of supercar-rivaling performance and luxurious comfort. Our project elevated this car from Stock to Stage 2, integrating high-performance components such as an Akrapovič exhaust, Nortech Performance downpipes, and an ITG panel filter to achieve 735 hp. With advanced ECU and TCU recalibrations, we optimised the vehicle's performance across all aspects, transforming the RS Q8 into a powerhouse that seamlessly merges executive sophistication with exhilarating drivability.

Audi S3 (8P)

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PERON and our engineering partners have a long-standing expertise with the Audi S3 (8P), a classic hot hatch that can rival almost any car on the road. Our team are masters of the EA113 engine as we've been tuning this platform since 2005 across a range of applications. This extensive experience is why customers trust us to take their vehicles to the next level. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance and drivability ensures each upgrade meets the highest standards of engineering excellence. This case study showcases our ability to transform the Audi S3 (8P) into a high-performance machine that excels in both everyday usability and spirited driving.

Lamborghini Urus

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At PERON Automotive, we love the EA825 4.0 TFSI engine, and the Lamborghini Urus showcases this engine in the best possible way with supercar performance and style. Our project elevated this SUV from Stock to Stage 1, integrating high-performance components such as the Akrapovič exhaust and ITG air filter to achieve 745 hp. With advanced ECU and TCU recalibrations, we optimised the vehicle's performance across all aspects, transforming the Urus into an even bigger powerhouse that combines sporty sophistication with exhilarating drivability. The improved driving characteristics enhance both usability and the fun factor, making the performance gains seem almost absurd in an SUV.

Porsche 911 GT3 Touring (992.1)

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This Porsche 992.1 GT3 Touring, equipped with a PDK transmission, received a comprehensive upgrade focused on enhancing its drivability and auditory experience. The vehicle was fitted with a full Akrapovič exhaust system and underwent a meticulous ECU recalibration aimed at optimising engine response and broadening the powerband. These adjustments ensure a more engaging driving experience, emphasizing smooth power delivery and a richer, more resonant exhaust note, perfectly aligning with the high-performance nature of the GT3 Touring.