B2B Distribution

PERON Automotive is the exclusive UK distributor for premier automotive performance brands such as Akrapovič, Dyno Spectrum, and TVS Engineering. We provide unparalleled support to these brands, ensuring their innovative products reach a wide and appropriate audience across the UK and Ireland. Our robust dealer network benefits from our dedicated support and extensive expertise, enhancing their ability to deliver exceptional service. This synergy between brand management and dealer empowerment cements our status as a leader in automotive performance distribution, driving excellence and innovation in the industry.

Strategic Partnerships

As the exclusive UK distributor for several leading automotive brands, PERON Automotive strategically aligns with companies that reflect our commitment to excellence and innovation. Akrapovič enhances our portfolio with advanced exhaust systems that significantly improve both performance and acoustics, offering transformative upgrades for a wide range of vehicles. Dyno Spectrum's DS1 software introduces precision engine tuning, elevating performance control and optimization to new heights.

Additionally, Garrett Motion supports our enhancements with robust turbochargers and intercoolers that boost power and efficiency. Precision Turbo provides reliable, high-output turbochargers essential for achieving superior performance. Specifically catering to VW Audi group vehicles, TVS Engineering broadens our offerings with specialized DSG tuning and transmission solutions tailored for these makes, ensuring our enhancements are comprehensive and highly specialized. These partnerships allow PERON Automotive to deliver superior, integrated automotive enhancements that consistently exceed client expectations and affirm our leadership in the UK automotive performance industry.

Brand Integration and Market Expansion

At PERON Automotive, we don't just distribute products; we strategically integrate them into the UK automotive market, enhancing brand visibility and reach. This involves comprehensive marketing campaigns, participation in industry events, and active engagement with automotive communities to highlight the unique benefits of our exclusive partnerships. By effectively showcasing our brands, such as Akrapovič and TVS Engineering, we help them gain recognition and acceptance among a wider audience, which drives demand and fosters loyalty.

Our market expansion efforts are focused on aligning the product offerings of our brands with the evolving needs of UK consumers. We continuously analyse market trends to anticipate customer demands and adapt our product range accordingly. This proactive approach ensures that our portfolio includes the latest innovations that appeal to both current and new segments of the automotive market. Through this strategic alignment, PERON Automotive facilitates the growth of our brands, while ensuring that our customers have access to the most advanced and suitable performance solutions available.

Dealer Development

We pride ourselves on cultivating a robust network of quality dealers across the UK and Ireland, carefully selecting partners who reflect our commitment to excellence and innovation. Our dealers are more than just resellers; they are hand-picked specialists who embody our ethos and share our passion for automotive performance. This strategic partnership approach ensures that every dealer is fully aligned with our standards, providing customers with unparalleled expertise and service.

Understanding the importance of a well-supported dealer network, we actively reinvest in our partners to ensure they have all the resources necessary for success. This support includes comprehensive training sessions, technical support, and regular updates on new products and advancements. By equipping our dealers with the latest knowledge and tools, we empower them to offer exceptional service and expert advice, ensuring that end users receive the best possible experience and satisfaction from their PERON Automotive products.