Audi RS 6 / RS 7 / Performance (C8) | OPF/GPF | Akrapovic | Evolution Line (Titanium)

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Product Details

  • Type Evolution Line
  • Vendor Akrapovic
  • SKU S-AU/T/1H
  • Power +15.8 HP / 6150 rpm
  • Torque +13.2 lb-ft / 6150 rpm
  • Weight Reduction -10.4 kg
  • Installation Time 450 min

Akrapovič Evolution Line (Titanium) Exhaust System for Audi RS 6 Avant Performance (C8)

Experience the epitome of engineering excellence with the Akrapovič Evolution Line (Titanium) exhaust system, specifically crafted for the Audi RS 6 Avant Performance (C8). This system is not just an exhaust upgrade; it's a transformation of your vehicle's performance and sound.

Features & Benefits:

  • Lightweight Titanium Construction: Made from high-grade titanium, ensuring durability and a significant weight reduction over the stock system.

  • Innovative Design: Features one central and two side mufflers, along with a unique titanium collector and larger diameter stainless steel link pipes with custom-made flex tubes.

  • Advanced Valve System: Each side muffler includes a valve with a housing cast in Akrapovič’s own foundry, enhancing gas flow and contributing to the system's remarkable acoustic profile.

  • Active X-Connection: Features a complex valve-controlled X-connection for balanced exhaust pulses, adding to the system's efficiency and sound dynamics.

  • Carbon Fibre/Titanium Tailpipes: Unique, eye-catching design with handcrafted carbon fibre outer sleeves and sandblasted, coated titanium inners, providing a sporty, powerful aesthetic.

  • Tuned Acoustic Experience: Delivers a rich sound profile from a low-down rumble to a high-frequency top end, perfectly balanced for everyday comfort without unwanted noise.

  • Performance Gains: Testing shows a power gain of 15.8 hp at 6150 rpm and a torque increase of 17.9 Nm at the same revs, all with over 20% weight saving compared to the stock system.

  • ECE Compliant: Fully compliant with European standards, ensuring legality and quality.

  • Optional Enhancements: Enhance your system with the optional Downpipe / Link Pipe Set (SS) for increased tuning, Akrapovič Sound Kit for adjustable sound, and a handmade carbon fibre diffuser in matte or glossy finishes.

Note: The system is split into two codes for packaging. The optional Downpipe / Link Pipe Set (SS) eliminates the need for the L-AU/SS/8/1 link pipe set but voids the ECE type approval, and ECU remapping becomes mandatory.

Elevate your Audi RS 6 Avant's performance and aesthetics with the Akrapovič Evolution Line (Titanium) – a blend of racing heritage and cutting-edge technology.

Compatible Model(s):

  • Audi    RS 6 Avant (C8) - OPF/GPF    2022 - 2023
  • Audi    RS 6 Avant Performance (C8) - OPF/GPF    2023 - 2024
  • Audi    RS 7 Sportback (C8) - OPF/GPF    2022 - 2023
  • Audi    RS 7 Sportback Performance (C8) - OPF/GPF    2023 - 2024


About Akrapovič

As the exclusive importer since 2013, PERON Automotive offers Akrapovič's high-end exhaust systems, renowned for revolutionizing performance through advanced materials and manufacturing techniques. Akrapovič, a leader in the industry, collaborates closely with racing professionals and utilizes state-of-the-art technology to craft exhausts that elevate vehicle performance, durability, and aesthetics. This partnership underscores PERON Automotive's commitment to providing UK enthusiasts with access to superior exhaust solutions that embody a rich racing heritage and cutting-edge innovation.