Stage 1 Tune (ECU/TCU) | Audi RS 6 / RS 7 (C8)

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Product Details

  • Type Tuning Calibration (ECU / TCU)
  • Peak Power 675 - 700 hp
  • Peak Torque 700 - 750 lb-ft
  • Engine EA825 4.0 TFSI
  • Gearbox ZF 8HP
  • ECU Type Bosch MG1
  • Dynograph Download

The Stage 1 tuning package by Aarden Engineering for the Audi RS 6 (C8) is tailored to enhance the vehicle's performance and drivability subtly and effectively. This initial stage is ideally suited for vehicles running on premium fuel and retaining the stock hardware setup, focusing on elevating the driving experience through precision drivetrain calibration.

Enhanced Drivability and Performance: Designed to increase engine output to between 675 and 700 horsepower, Stage 1 enhances the RS 6's responsiveness and speed. The primary goal is to refine the power delivery, enhancing the smoothness of acceleration and improving the vehicle’s dynamic capabilities without drastically altering its character.

Fuel Requirements and Efficiency: This tuning stage requires 97-98 RON fuel, with 99 RON recommended to capture the full benefits of the tune. By optimising fuel usage, this stage ensures that the engine operates efficiently, making the most of the increased power while maintaining the car's fuel economy.

Aarden Engineering's Stage 1 tune is an excellent choice for Audi RS 6 owners looking to boost their car’s performance with a focus on enhancing drivability and overall engine responsiveness. It provides a noticeable improvement in power and vehicle dynamics, making every drive both more exhilarating and relaxing.