Stage 2+ Tune (ECU/TCU) | Audi RS 6 / RS 7 (C8)

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Product Details

  • Type Tuning Calibration (ECU / TCU)
  • Peak Power 750 - 775 hp
  • Peak Torque 850 - 900 lb-ft
  • Engine EA825 4.0 TFSI
  • Gearbox ZF 8HP
  • ECU Type Bosch MG1
  • Dynograph Download

Stage 2+ represents the pinnacle of stock turbo performance tuning for the Audi RS 6 (C8) offered by Aarden Engineering. This stage is meticulously crafted to maximize the vehicle's power output and enhance its sensory appeal through an advanced combination of hardware improvements. It includes the installation of high-end Akrapovič exhaust systems and state-of-the-art Garrett intercoolers, ensuring that every aspect of the vehicle's performance is refined to deliver a truly transformed driving experience.

Exhaust and Intercooler Enhancements: The Akrapovič exhaust system, renowned for its exceptional quality and the thrilling sound profile it offers, pairs perfectly with the Nortech downpipes introduced in Stage 2, providing an auditory experience reminiscent of track racing. The Garrett intercoolers are essential at this level of tuning; they address the inefficiencies of the stock intercoolers which struggle under increased boost pressures. By significantly improving the cooling efficiency, these intercoolers ensure sustained performance by maintaining optimal air intake temperatures. The end result is more consistently high power delivery when used in more extreme conditions.

Consistent Performance and Auditory Delight: Stage 2+ elevates the RS6 to its highest echelons of performance, pushing engine outputs to between 750 and 775 horsepower while keeping torque at a safe level for the gearbox. This stage is designed not only for those who seek the ultimate in power but also for enthusiasts who desire an unmatched driving experience marked by profound acoustic depth and richness. The combination of the Akrapovič exhaust and the enhanced cooling from Garrett intercoolers makes the RS6 a standout, offering consistent performance that matches its aggressive, race-inspired sound.

Fuel Requirements: To achieve and maintain the performance benchmarks of Stage 2+, the use of 99 RON fuel is imperative. This premium fuel supports the advanced tuning by ensuring clean and efficient combustion, crucial for the longevity and reliability of the engine under high-performance conditions. Stage 2+ is the definitive choice for drivers who demand the most from their RS6, combining technical enhancements with sensory perfection.