Stage 2 Tune (ECU/TCU) | Audi RS 6 / RS 7 (C8)

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Product Details

  • Type Tuning Calibration (ECU / TCU)
  • Peak Power 725 - 750 hp
  • Peak Torque 850 - 900 lb-ft
  • Engine EA825 4.0 TFSI
  • Gearbox ZF 8HP
  • ECU Type Bosch MG1
  • Dynograph Download

The Stage 2 tuning package by Aarden Engineering for the Audi RS 6 (C8) takes vehicle performance to a new level by enhancing both power and the auditory experience further over Stage 1+. Designed for car enthusiasts eager to unlock the more aggressive potential of their RS 6, this stage integrates significant hardware upgrades, focusing on the exhaust system to boost engine efficiency and sound.

Exhaust and Downpipe Enhancements: Stage 2 includes the installation of Nortech downpipes that replace the restrictive factory Otto Particulate Filters (OPFs). These high-performance downpipes integrate homologated catalytic converters positioned further downstream from the turbos. This significantly improves exhaust flow and heat management compared to the stock components. The reduced backpressure not only enhances the thermal efficiency of the engine but also aids the turbos in generating boost more quickly, and with less effort, resulting in noticeable gains in both horsepower and torque.

Acoustic and Power Gains: The removal of the OPFs and the addition of performance downpipes transforms the exhaust note of the RS 6, giving it a distinctly racier edge that is more pronounced during aggressive driving. The valved exhaust system maintains the subdued tone in Comfort mode while unleashing a thunderous V8 roar in Sport mode. This feature gives the RS6 a full Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde character. The improved exhaust flow also contributes to a healthy power increase, pushing the output to between 720 and 740 horsepower. This stage not only intensifies the driving experience with a bolder sound but also sharpens the vehicle’s response and performance dynamics.

Fuel Requirements: To support the enhancements of Stage 2, 99 RON fuel is necessary to ensure the engine runs optimally and to achieve the stated power figures. This stage of tuning makes the Audi RS 6 a formidable contender on the road, combining enhanced mechanical performance with an exhilarating exhaust soundtrack that complements its newly unleashed capabilities.