Nortech Performance | EA113 2.0TFSI | PTE Superstock 5558 (58mm) Gen2 RACE Turbo Kit

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Product Details

  • Type Full Frame Turbo System
  • Vendor Nortech Performance
  • SKU NTVAG002-TB-P-58
  • Supported Power 650 hp
  • Engine EA113 2.0TFSI
  • Gearbox DQ250
  • Compatible models S3 (8P), TTS (8J), Golf R (MK6), Scirocco R (MK3), and Leon Cupra R (1P)
  • Dynograph Download

If you are looking for a durable, fully developed turbo upgrade solution for the 2L TFSI, the Nortech Performance PTE 5558 Gen2 Turbo Kit is the answer. Designed, developed, manufactured, and proven in-house on our Dynojet 4WD dyno cell, this turbo kit represents the pinnacle of performance engineering. Featuring the latest heavy hitters from motorsport turbo specialist Precision Turbo, this kit is meticulously crafted to deliver unmatched power and reliability.

Engineered for 525-650hp, it boasts rapid boost onset and excellent transient response, optimising your engine's performance. All components are of the highest quality, ensuring reliability and longevity. Nortech Performance is trusted for its precision engineering, robust quality, and comprehensive support, making it the ideal choice for serious performance enthusiasts.

Complete Turbo Kit Includes:

  • Turbo Manifold
  • Downpipe With Recirc
  • Exhaust Connecting Pipe
  • Oil Lines
  • Turbo Outlet Pipe
  • Air Intake Pipe
  • Heat Shield
  • PTE 5558 Gen2 with V-band SS housing (0.64)
  • Turbosmart GEN-V WG45 Hyper-Gate45 External Wastegate

Key Features:

  • Proven Design: Refined over 10 years for optimal spool and peak power.
  • Innovative and Non-Invasive: Engineered for high performance and ease of installation.
  • Gasketless V-Band Connection: Seamless compatibility with Garrett Motion and Precision Turbo.
  • V-Band In/Out Housing: Designed for effortless integration.
  • 45mm External Wastegate Fitment: Ensures no boost creep, precise boost control, and lower EGT.
  • Top-Quality TIG Welding: Robotic precision for superior strength and consistency.
  • 304 SS Stainless Head Flange: Enhanced durability and reliability.
  • Cast Collector: Made from CF8C Plus for superior heat resistance.
  • Maximum Horsepower: Capable of handling 500whp-700whp.
  • OEM Integration: Maintains an OEM appearance, no component relocation required, compatible with RHD and LHD.
  • Exclusive Design: 55mm inducer GEN2 CEA® compressor wheel, 58mm CEA® turbine wheel.
  • High Horsepower: Supports up to 650 horsepower.
  • Advanced CEA® Wheels: Greater efficiency at higher pressure ratios, less turbo lag, higher boost handling, massive power gains over older designs.
  • Boost Control: Turbosmart GEN-V WG45 Hyper-Gate45 14PSI for precise boost management.
  • Durability: Robust construction to withstand extreme conditions.
  • Compatibility: Perfect fit for high-performance applications.

Nortech Performance

About Nortech Performance

PERON's turbo system brand, Nortech Performance, is led by a team of high-performance product experts and dedicated petrol heads. Specializing in engineering for Audi VW Group engines, our in-house Nortech team uses SolidWorks CAD software to design precise components and advanced simulation to model performance.

Our comprehensive capabilities include CNC machining, wax injection molding for investment casting, and ECU reverse engineering with calibration. With facilities for in-house fabrication, CNC machining, 3D printing, and TIG welding, we control quality and adapt quickly during development. This integration ensures we consistently deliver superior exhaust systems and turbocharging solutions tailored to automotive and motorsport needs, with a particular focus on Audi VW Group applications over the past decade.